New Moon Playlist

The new moon-the first of the lunar phases-occurs when the moon is exactly between the earth and the sun. This makes its illumination invisible to us earthlings, causing the sky to turn to night without our familiar fixture.

Just as the moon turns inward and away from us, this time of the cycle is great for self-reflection and cleansing.

Embrace yin energies, the quiet, cold whispers that wait for your love and light in the shadow. Set intentions, leave the old stuff that doesn’t serve you behind.

[Nobody has to know about it but you.]

Here is a playlist inspired by this internal process of discovery and initiation. Set some intentions, and watch for opportunities for all of it to arrive.

New Moon Playlist
Found here

Nina Simone- Wild is the Wind
JFDR – Think Too Fast
Vanbur – In Cold Light
chloe moriondo – Waves
SYML – Girl
Emily Wells – Stay Up
Ayla Nereo – Show Yourself
Shallou, Wales – Begin
Jamie Drake – To My Love
J.Views – Why
MOSSS – What She Said
Laura Jean – Girls on the TV
Alex Luca – Only the River


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