Iced Matcha!

Whisk powdered green tea to frothy oblivion with warm water and honey. Pour over ice and shake, shake, shake. Pour that over ice, and top with coconut milk. Voila! Sweet, herbal, energizing.

Iced Matcha!
Makes one 16-oz beverage

Like, 16-18 ice cubes
1 tsp high quality matcha
6oz hot water (bonus points if it’s at 175 degrees)
1 tbsp raw honey
unsweetened coconut milk, for serving

Place 6-8 ice cubes in a metal shaker. Place the rest of the ice in a 16oz cup. In a small bowl, sift matcha powder. In a measuring glass, mix hot water and honey until combined. Pour 3oz of hot water over matcha, using bamboo whisk to blend. Flick your wrist quickly to make the letter “M” as you whisk, creating a nice crema or froth. Pour in the rest of the hot water, continuing to whisk. Pour the hot matcha over the ice in the shaker. Shake. Remove lid and strain iced matcha over prepared cup of ice. Top with coconut milk. Serve.

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