Energetic Shield Visualization

It’s an unfortunate truth that we sometimes experience barriers to protecting our magic. We are only able to manage and maintain our own thoughts and actions, which means that, when we encounter ill intentions, they did not necessarily come from us. You know when it was your shadow. Sometimes, these external lower frequencies are simply unavoidable.

It can be so hard to continue facing a troubling environment. Think of the experiment where two plants were placed in separate conditions: one was complimented, and one was bullied. The complimented plant grew vibrant and tall, and the bullied plant withered.

The fact is, we cannot always control what we are exposed to. For example, perhaps the job you rely on for income offers a toxic work environment (e.g., gossip, negativity, power struggles, jealousy, rivalry, etc.). Some of us can only modify ourselves so much, especially when the problem is external.

This is not to say that we cannot overcome. But, exposure to ill will can penetrate us. And, it makes sense.

Of course, we thrive when we are made to feel good.

Now, this visualization is not necessarily the solution. This is to say, it is a tool. If you are reading this right now and it is speaking to you, I hope that you feel empowered to be more assertive, or more creative, or more whatever you need to be to make your situation better. As you do the work, here is a way for you to know like you know that your energy is safe and protected, going forward:


Find a quiet space where you feel safe and close your eyes. Root down. Feel your points of contact with your great supporter, Mother Earth. Know that the space you hold, the space she holds for you, is your throne for the claiming. Set the intention to envelope yourself in safety, and to fill your space with only the highest and purest of energies. Envision whatever color comes to mind first as your protector (if you are uncertain, please know that white and black and perfect protective choices, but also, royal blue belongs to Archangel Michael, the great protector). Whatever color you are drawn to is the right one for you here. Envision it, wholly and completely and in its highest and purest form, surrounding you as a huge flame, extending in every possible direction, dissolving anything and everything that does not serve your highest good. Next, envision giant mirrors around your giant flame. Set the intention for them to deflect any external negativity. Know that the only thing that can penetrate those mirrors and that flame is the goodness, love, health, and abundance that is truly meant for you. It is happening even if you don’t believe it yet. Here, ask your guides and angels and ascended masters to assist you in protecting your magic. Thank them, thank Mother Earth, and thank yourself for your protection and healing. You are safe.

Wishing for all that you need, going forward.

❤ kc

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