Waning Crescent Moon Playlist

When we focus on the polarities of the moon cycles, we neglect a very important life ingredient: the process. It isn’t about the finish line. It’s about the getting there.

This feels particularly important when I think about the moon’s cycles, because the fact is, once we reach one polarity, she just boomerangs back to where her previous trajectory had started. It reminds me of how Mary Oliver talked about wanting to climb some mountains slowly, taking the rest of her lifetime to do it (here). What a welcome reminder that we are allowed to take our time.

The waning crescent moon is the last installment of the lunar cycle, in which she appears as a little arc in the sky each night. With every day that passes, we see less and less of her as she prepares to settle into her complete disappearance for the new moon.

In this phase, our moon is pulling the covers up, getting a bit cozier with every moment that passes, and preparing for her rest.

Just as the moon sets herself up for the quiet, this is a time to take care. Think: putting clean sheets on your bed, getting the diffuser going, and adjusting the lighting before bed.

Notice what might make you just a little bit more comfortable. Give to yourself. Love on you. Trust that what you are picking up on is truly what you need. Settle in.

Waning Crescent Moon Playlist
Found here

Thrupence – How To Be Invisible
Green-House – Chysis
Angus MacRae – Mirror Lake
Beaulahbelle – You Only Live Twice
Yehezkel Raz – Ballerina
Richard P. John – Trois Gymnopédies: I. Lent et Douloureux
The Vernon Spring – Waves Know Shores
Vagabon – Home Soon
Leif Vollebekk – Rest
Model Man – Ross
Jhené Aiko – Trigger Protection Mantra

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