Engaging The Senses: Touch

Sensation is pretty magic at its core. We receive information because our senses collect it. Then, they translate it for us. Because of our senses, we can directly learn about the world. It is through our senses that we are able to discover what we enjoy.

Sensuality becomes a process of developing awareness, of tuning out, and tuning in. When we engage the senses, it creates a state of receptivity. Through our senses, we can actually interpret the information our environments are giving us.

Receptivity can be a practice, because it asks vulnerability of us. Often times, we tune out of our sensuality, because, at one time or another, the information we were receiving may have been unpleasant. To offset overstimulation, we turn on our sensual back burners, and we ignore what we feel in order to keep on keepin’ on.

Sometimes, this means we feel a wall between our human experience and our sensual selves. The thing about this is, part of being human is having senses. They’re there so that we can interpret and enjoy our experience.

When it comes to touch, we-quite literally-have a host of lessons at our fingertips. Let’s try.

And, in case you missed the others, here’s smell, hearing, and sight.

Engaging Touch:

Set aside some time to yourself, and set the intention to experience touch, both given and received. This exercise is meant to be practiced in the shower alone.

Begin by bringing your attention to your hands. Notice the way the air flows around your skin, how it feels to wriggle your fingers, the feel of your own skin as you slowly tighten your fist-finger by finger-and release. Turn on the faucet, running your fingers under the water as you adjust it to your liking.

Get in! Notice the water, whether it’s the pressure, the warmth, or the chill. Feel the weight of it as it first touches your scalp and your skin. Notice how each drop runs down the rest of your body from its point of contact. Feel it pool around your toes.

Grab some soap and make it sudsy. Notice the feel of the bubbles on your hands. Perhaps some pop as others form. Set the intention to experience your own touch as you soap your body. Take your time cleansing your body. Massage the soap into each hand, into your neck, around your heart center, across your belly, etc. With each touch of your hands, hold yourself as you like to be held by another. Notice how it feels to be held in this way. As you rinse off, notice how the water hits the areas you soap, bringing with it those little bubbles you once held only on your hands.

Then, let it go.

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