Waxing Half Moon Playlist

The waxing half moon occurs at the middle point between the new moon and the full moon. Every evening, the moon appears with more and more light in tow.

This time of the cycle, the moon sets her sights on the end goal [fullness] and the only way is forward. She has committed.

Just as the moon sets her sights on growth, so, too, must we consider our commitments. Now is a time to make decisions and set plans. There is no turning back.

Things only get bigger and brighter from here.

Waxing Half Moon Playlist
Found here

Gwan – Rostam
Truth Hurts – Lizzo
Day One – Explosions in the Sky
Brushbloom Glow – The Tree Ring
Mansard Roof – Vampire Weekend
Forget Me Now – Poliça
Safari Disco Club – Yelle
Incinerate – Mint Julep
Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine
Rooftop Dancing – Sylvan Esso
Eastern Sun – Ayla Nereo
Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

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