Waning Half Moon Playlist

We don’t talk about this time of the moon’s cycle as much, do we? The waning half moon occurs as the moon is decreasing in illumination. Every day, we see less of her in the sky until we reach the new moon. This is the halfway point on her journey. before she hides from us completely for a night.

She cycles away from the full moon having completely embodied. We saw every nook and cranny of her lit up for the world to see. With every day that passes, she pulls the night up around her more and more, like bedsheets to offer warmth and comfort. Now, she is halfway to her resting point.

The thing about rest is, we do not forget the bursts of light and vibrancy. Rather, we consider where we do not have more energy to expend. The moon lets whatever does not serve her disappear into the night, embodying only what needs embodying before she reinvents.

This is a time to take note of that which does not serve you as you prepare for the journey inward. Contemplate where you would like to focus your energies. Check your integrity and let what does not serve wave goodbye. You cannot set intentions if you are gripping too harshly on what once was.

It is okay to re-evaluate what prevents you from resting. Set it free for the night to metabolize.

Waning Half Moon Playlist
Found here

Like the Moon – Future Islands
PDLIF – Bon Iver
Comrade – Volcano Choir
Between Two Lungs – Florence and the Machine
Slacks – St. South
Real Thang – Anna Wise, Jon Bap
When Am I Gonna Lose You – Local Natives
Ferris Wheel – Sylvan Esso
exile (ft. Bon Iver) – Taylor Swift
In a River (acoustic) – Rostam
A Real Hero – College, Electric Youth
Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine

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