Engaging The Senses: Hearing

Welcome to the second exercise in my series to awaken the senses! This is a series, and not one giant exercise, to echo my case for sensuality practices. For those of you who missed the first post (linked above), engaging the senses is a powerful tool to welcome more pleasure into your life.

Most of the time, we take in a lot of information all at once without even thinking about it. In fact, we usually just go through the motions. When your alarm goes off in the morning, you don’t think to yourself, “Oh, time to appreciate the silky feel of these sheets on my skin!” No. If you had an alarm set, it’s likely because you have some place to be. And then, some place to be after that, etc.

Our senses are meant to translate information about our environments to us. We can receive this information unconsciously or consciously. This is an important distinction, because life on autopilot means we can often end up on overload.

When we tune into our receptors-sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing-we learn more about what we like and do not like. With this in mind, we can invite more pleasure into our lives.

And so, I have created this series to isolate each sense so as to extract as much meaning and joy and embodiment as possible. Be forewarned: the more attention you give your senses, the more they will work with you to notify you when you like or do not like something. This information becomes an opportunity for you.

Cheers to a life we fill with more things that feel right. Let’s engage our hearing.

engaging Hearing:

Set aside some uninterrupted time, and go someplace that feels safe and comfortable. This might be someplace outdoors, or it might be home. Find a comfortable seat or lie down.

Set the intention to tune into your sense of hearing. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to your ears. Feel how the air touches them, or how the back of your pillow (if using) grazes your earlobes. Tune into the feeling of movement in the air around them. Bring your awareness inside the ear, to the drum. Set the intention to invite more pleasing sound into your life.

Tune into the soft noises occurring around you. Some sounds you might hear: moving air, wiggling leaves, birds in the distance, a quiet ringing. Search for gentle noises you would have otherwise missed. Do this for as long as feels pleasurable to you. Thank each sound you hear for making itself known to you.

If you would like some soft, sensually pleasing sounds to help you tune in, here is a quiet playlist I made.

Enjoy. ❤


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