Full Moon Playlist

The full moon occurs when the moon is fully illuminated before the earth. She looks like a large, bright, pocketed disk before us. It is the time in the cycle when, instead of hiding, all of her fills with light.

The shadows still exist. We see them most clearly as she waxes. Remember: the moon is embodying her truth. She is filling up, illuminating. It is a performance: one bright *big bang pop* crescendo before the curtains start to close. Her encore is not immediate, but rather, a long con–she will be back for you.

In her brightness, the moon battles against the blocks you hold around that freak flag of yours. It can feel like an attack, but remember: she is encouraging you to let. that. thing. FLY. This is a time for embodiment, of owning how you show up.

Of course, truth is beautiful, but also frightening. Often, we avoid our authenticity for fear of how it is received. Similarly, the full moon can bring with it a sense of un-ease.

If you are uncomfortable, then the magic is at work. It is time. Glow up. Here is a playlist to honor this time in the lunar cycle when we are asked to lovingly hold ourselves more fully.

Full Moon Playlist
Found here

Jamie-Rose – AGNES WATER
The Dawdler – Dark Clouds
Yoko Ono – Forgive Me My Love
Saint Sister – Causing Trouble
Electric Light Orchestra – Livin’ Thing
The Western Den – Spark, Set Fire
Masakatsu Takagi – Marginalia #13
Xavia – Horizons
Chelsea Cutler – Wake Up
Before Breakfast – Buddleia
Luke Faulkner – Clouds
Elizabeth – death toll
Local Natives ft. Sylvan Esso – Dark Days
Beginning – Megan Wofford

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