Engaging The Senses: Sight

sensuality (sent * shu * wal * id * ee) :

the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical pleasure

So often, we find ourselves on autopilot. And, it makes sense. Our bodies are intended to engage in a number of involuntary processes; think how much is going on within us without our even noticing!

However, there are certain involuntary functions toward which we are able to redirect our attention. An example of this: our posture. Think about what it feels like when your spine is in its best expression of alignment. We hold ourselves tall, comfortable, relaxed. Yet, when we experience stress or misfortune or pressure, we start to hold ourselves differently. Often times, we don’t even realize it’s happening. Why does this matter?

Because we integrate our experiences somatically, and we ought to shift our attention accordingly.

When we redirect our attention toward these items we often don’t acknowledge, we are able to center, to ground, to release. Better yet, we might even be able to enjoy them.

Enter: the senses. They are how we experience the world. Our senses receive information for us. They enable us to interpret and respond to our environments. And, often times, the senses can stimulate pleasure.

The more we hone our senses to receive pleasure, the more we are able to discern what brings us joy. Life feels better when we celebrate what makes us feel good.

Here is the first of a series of exercises to engage the senses. Let’s get visually stimulated.

Engaging SIGHT:

Set aside some uninterrupted time and go someplace [any place] or many places [any places]. Bring your camera with you.

When you arrive, set the intention to tune into your sense of sight. You are going to seek out the beautiful sights that call to you in this exercise. Call them in.

To begin, explore your environment visually, without attachment to finding anything. Get up close to things. Get farther away. Look at them upside down, and then right side up. Hold your hand over them and notice the shadow you create. Notice how it changes the object you are seeing. Notice movement, even if the object is still. Notice emotion, if you experience any. Notice memories. Notice angles. Notice color.

Thank every sight you see for sharing its beauty with you. And then, capture the sights you enjoyed in pictures.

Here are [some of] mine.


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