Aura Closing Visualization

This is a visualization for the highly sensitive person (hsp). HSPs are a breed of human that experience intricate responses to various stimuli (including, but not limited to: visual, auditory, sensory, emotional, mental, and/or physical stimulation). In other words, we feel deeply.

In all of the ways.

Feeling deeply yields a powerful awareness of life’s nuances. Where there is community, we find connection. Where there is heartbreak, we find love’s trace. Where there is laughter, we find joy. Through sensitivity, we are able to develop tenderness toward ourselves and others.

Sensitivity can be beautiful. Even just experiencing something as simple as eating a peach from this orientation is otherworldly:

The colors of the sunset in your palms, velvet fuzz on your fingertips. Tenderness at the soft push of your thumb. Juice bursting as your teeth sink. Velvet yielding the way to soft, orangey-pink silk. Taste that sweet, almost floral tang.

I would not want to enjoy a peach any other way but softly, tenderly, and with sensitivity.

However, just as being a highly sensitive person can bring pleasure and nuance, so, too, can it be overstimulating and overwhelming. Bright lights can yield headaches. Loud venues can yield stress. Social cues can yield anxiety. Sometimes, you might come home feeling like you are covered in everything and everybody else’s dust.

Thus, we must learn to develop ways to manage, support, and protect our own energy.

Aura closing, a process of visualizing your energy field pulling inward, is one such way to maintain your energetic health.

The why: your energy field extends at least 6 feet out from your physical body. When you are highly sensitive, external stimuli can be more impactful, and you can continue carrying them with you long after they are gone. If you close your energy field, you own it. You command what gets in, what leaves, and what stays out.

The aftermath: when you learn to open and close your energy more effectively, the things that used to get to you, drain you, cling to you, bother you, overwhelm you, anything-else you, have less capability of doing so. Aura closing will strengthen your energy field, because it makes it less susceptible to contamination from external forces, like negativity, ill will, or sponginess toward others’ emotions. You might notice you feel more energized, happier, less affected, better, you-name-it-er, than you otherwise would have when you encounter these things.

Because the fact is, sometimes, life can be overstimulating. The overwhelm will always be there. Your internal world is a space that was given to you, and it can be a place of reprieve.

Let’s do it:


Set aside a couple of minutes at the beginning of the day. Find a comfortable seating or lying position, and close your eyes. Visualize your energy field extending 6 feet out around you in every direction, like an egg. Then, command that the energy closing in, airtight, so that it just surrounds your physical body. Visualize an egg of diamond-bright white light surrounding you, keeping you and your energy wholly protected and safe. Affirm to yourself: I am safe. I am protected. I am shielded from all negative energy or harm.

I recommend doing this every day, especially if you are consistently exposed to environments that feel harmful or overwhelming for you. You do not need to come home wearing garbage you did not create. You deserve your space to be pristine.

Best wishes to you as you explore the wonderful world of energy protection.

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