Higher Self Meditation

Many of us know like we know that there are forces outside of our comprehension that guide us through the mundane. I suppose it would be too much at once for us to hold that kind of wisdom in our consciousness. Instead, we develop our awareness over time.

Some of us follow our gut reactions, yessing what needs to be yessed, and letting things pass by us when we know they are not ours. Some of us do this only sometimes. Some of us are still getting to know what it means to follow our intuition. [Perhaps yours led you here.]

There are many ways to meet with and bond with and connect to the higher self. However, the path to get there is not always clear. I think, when we set out to connect with our intuition, we forget that simplicity is key.

So, for this exercise, we are going to connect with our higher selves through simplicity. In this case, simplicity means focusing on recognition.


Find a comfortable seat. If you are in a chair, uncross your legs and root your feet firmly on the floor to ensure proper energy flow. Let your hands rest gently in your lap. Gently close your eyes.

Focus in on your breath, in and out. Know that you are safe. Feel your roots at the base of your spine extending deeply downward into the center of the earth. Know that this is happening. Envision the energy from the center of the earth moving up these roots and up your spine, and out of the crown of your head, connecting you to your highest and purest state. Know that this is happening.

In this moment, affirm to yourself that you are in a state of perfect health and abundance. Create it right now. This is what your higher self wants for you. Know that it is true. Know that you are connected to your higher self.

Here, in this place of connection to intuition, we rely on our instincts. We are going to use our senses to experience what it is like in our highest and purest essence. Know that you are connected, and that your very first inclination is the truth.

Let’s begin with a sense of place. Where are you? Perhaps there is a raging ocean, or perhaps there is endless sky, or perhaps there is an overgrown meadow whose grasses blow and shimmer in the wind. Perhaps this is a place you have been, or it is one where you will go. Know that you can return to this space whenever you need connection with your higher self. We are going to feel into this space.

The first sense we will focus on is sight. This can be more abstract. Are there colors making themselves known to you? Is there light? The items that come to you here are what you see when you are your highest self.

What sounds make themselves known to you in this space? What is it you hear from your higher self? Know that the very first thing to come to you is the right one. It might be wind chimes, or bamboo clacking in the wind. It could be waves, or lapping water. Maybe there are crickets, or the sound of the sun hitting warm earth on a hot day. Hear the intonations, listen to the sounds.

Next, what do you smell here? It could be freshly watered grass, or maybe it is blossoms in the trees. Perhaps it is soft wafts of lily of the valley, or the soothing musk of burning wood. The first smell to arrive is the right one; this is the aroma of your higher self.

Moving on to touch, let’s hone in on what you feel here. Is there are space on the body that lights up for you in your highest self? You might notice by some tingles. Perhaps there is an emotion building in your chest. Or, perhaps you feel wind on your skin, or the soft comfort of a beloved blanket. Whatever you feel here is your highest self. Trust that what you feel is what is true.

Lastly, taste. Pay attention to your mouth. Can you conjure a particular flavor? Perhaps it is the juicy burst of a strawberry at the peak of season, or the subtle, refreshing spark of spearmint.

Spend a moment enjoying the sensual experience of your highest self. Savor the environment, taste the flavor, smell the aroma, see the sights, and hear the sounds of your highest self. Take a moment here to thank her for making herself known to you. Know that, in moments when you need guidance, connection, or insight, you can use your senses to recall your highest and purest vibration.

Sending love to you as the two of you get to know one another.

❤ kc

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